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Doe v. Cisco Systems

Doe v. Cisco Systems, Inc. is a case currently being litigated in the Northern District of California against Cisco Systems, Inc., a major American network technology corporation. The plaintiffs are a group of Falun Gong practitioners who have been subjected to serious human rights abuses in China through the use of China’s “Golden Shield” project. The Golden Shield is an unprecedented network security system used for the widespread censorship, surveillance, identification, tracking, apprehension, and torture of Chinese dissidents. Cisco has been the major provider of network security “solutions” in China since the late 1990’s and has played a central role in the design and implementation of the Golden Shield, despite widespread knowledge that its primary purpose is to facilitate the violent persecution of dissident groups.

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Gang Chen et al. v. Zhao Zhizhen

HRLF filed a landmark case under U.S. law regarding the precise parameters of speech that incites or aids and abets criminal conduct (e.g., Gang Chen et. al. v. Zhao Zhizhen et. al., case no. 3:04-cv-1146 RCN).  Plaintiffs have submitted several briefs in support thereof. The case is pending before the District Court of Connecticut.

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In Spain, HRLF filed the cases against Jiang Zemin and other major perpetrators on behalf of Falun Gong believers in China.

Doe v Jiang Zemin, Bo Xilai, Lou Gan et al.

In Spain, HRLF is lead counsel on behalf of Falun Gong believers subjected to torture and genocide in China. The case was heard before the Central Court for Preliminary Criminal Proceedings Number 2 of the National Spanish Court, and an indictment was issued on November 2, 2009. The defendants in the case are: Jiang Zemin, former President of China and Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party; Luo Gan, Coordinator of the 610 Office; Jia Qinglin, President of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; Bo Xilai, former Chinese Minister of Commerce; and Wu Guanzheng, President of the Chinese Communist Party’s Disciplinary Commission. The defendants are charged with the crimes of genocide and torture. The court exercised jurisdiction over the defendants under the principle of universal jurisdiction. The case is modeled on the Pinochet case, where the Spanish court recognized universal jurisdiction over some of the defendants. The judge in this case, Judge D. Ismael Moreno, admitted important evidence submitted by HRLF. He has also recently indicted the defendants and authorized rogatory letters to be sent to each of the defendants in China, asking them to answer questions based on their involvement in the persecution. By court order, if any of these defendants sets foot in a country with which Spain has an extradition treaty, the defendant(s) must be detained and transported to Spain to stand trial for the atrocities that the defendants have committed.

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