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Zhang et. al. v. CACWA

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On March 2, 2015, HRLF filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York on behalf of a group of individuals in Flushing, New York, who were allegedly targeted for violence and intimidation as a result of their actual or perceived status as Falun Gong believers. The alleged perpetrators are individuals associated with an organization called the Chinese Anti-Cult World Alliance, an anti-Falun Gong organization with alleged ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Plaintiffs filed claims under federal civil rights statutes and a New York hate crimes statute, as well as claims for assault, battery, and other torts. After the Defendants filed a motion to dismiss the Plaintiffs’ federal claims, Magistrate Judge Vera Scanlon issued a report and recommendation to District Court Judge Sandra Townes that the motion to dismiss be denied in its entirety, handing the Plaintiffs a significant victory. The suit is currently pending before the District Court.

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